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The Different Style of Lingerie

As you can see by the numerous selections we carry, there are many different types of lingerie to choose from. In fact, you could really say that there is a different kind of lingerie for almost any mood, or any occasion!

We carry almost twenty different types of high quality, very affordable lingerie and accessories. Let’s take a few minutes to explore the most popular types of lingerie, describe them, and go over what makes them different. Look through the lingerie listed below, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect outfit. Here are some of the most popular types of lingerie, each one is different and each one will set a different mood for you and your partner.

Baby Dolls
Baby Dolls are short, usually sleeveless and sometimes very sheer, one-piece tops, popularly known as ‘Negligees’. Baby Dolls drape down to the waist, and are usually made out of a sheer, see-thru fabric, or satin, silk, or lace. Baby Dolls usually come with matching bottoms and come in many different styles.

Bodystockings are one-piece, body fitting lingerie, that a woman slides into that covers the entire body including the feet, much like a leotard, catsuit or unitard. Bodystockings come in a breathtaking array of sheer and see-thru fabrics that make them absolutely one of the most erotic of all lingerie.

A Bustier is a tight, upper-body, form fitting lingerie, similar to a corset but only goes down to the bottom of the ribs and drapes above the top of the waist. Bustiers have cups or wire that are designed to push up and enhance the breasts, and are typically made of sheer fabric, satin and silk, and accentuated with lace. Most of our bustier come with matching bottoms.

A Comisole, or ‘Cami’, is a strapped, sleeveless, tight fitting lingerie that covers only the top of the body above the naval. Camisoles are similar to bustiers, in that they accentuate the breasts, but they are usually tighter fitting, and designed to show off the waist and accentuate the upper body. Most of our camis come with matching bottoms.

A Corset is a tight, form fitting, upper body lingerie very similar to a Bustier, but are usually longer and cover and accentuate the waist and hips. Corsets are usually designed to enhance or accentuate the breasts, and are typically made of sheer fabric, satin and silk, and lace. Most of our corsets come with matching bottoms.

A Teddy is a one-piece body fitting lingerie similar to a body stocking, but without the legs. Teddies come in a huge variety of styles and fabrics from leather, silk, satin, lace sheer and see through. Teddies are designed to show off a woman’s figure and to be highly seductive. Teddies are usually slipped off from the shoulder.

Now that you have a better idea of what the different types of lingerie are, feel free to explore all the categories and selections we have. We are sure you find just the right lingerie for you and your partner to add some real spice to you love life.



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